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If you build websites, BugHerd is for you.

Team collaboration, client feedback, and task management designed for web projects.

On-Site Bug Annotation

Report an issue in seconds

Point, click & describe. Bug reporting has never been this easy.

BugHerd Visual Feedback Tool

As a developer it’s great to have so many details on the live site, it’s making fixing a lot easier.

Zaidin Amiot, Fi London

The Details Panel

Clear actionable feedback.

BugHerd turns bugs and issues into clear, visual feedback with all of the info you need to get the job done fast.

Bug Details Interface
  1. Automatic screenshots

    BugHerd browser extensions automatically attach screenshots to every issue.

  2. Direct link to issues

    Save time by jumping directly to where an issue was reported.

  3. Inline tagging

    Use tags to organize and group your feedback, issues and feature requests.

  4. File attachments

    Upload additional files like specs, logs or mockups.

  5. Browser & OS

    Know which browser and operating system were used when an issue was reported.

  6. Full selector data

    See the full selector for reported issues, making troubleshooting painless.

  7. Screen size & Resolution

    Resolve responsive layout issues by looking at the window size and resolution.

  8. Real time discussions

    Communicate with your team using BugHerd’s real-time comment feed.

BugHerd rocks! It makes feedback contextual, clear, and manageable across teams.

Matt Gillman, Twenty4

Complete bug tracking system

Effortless project management.

BugHerd lets you see, at a glance, how your project is going and what everyone is working on. The task board lets you keep team members in sync by assigning and scheduling tasks with a simple drag and drop.

BugHerd Bug Tracking System

Third-Party Integrations

Use your favorite applications and services

BugHerd integrates with the leading applications in the web development arsenal.

Bug Annotation Interface

Version Control Sync

Mark it as done

BugHerd integrates with version control systems like GitHub and Bitbucket to let you action issues simply by referencing them in commit messages.

works with

Commit Hook Interface

BugHerd is indispensable in helping our community team easily identify UX issues for our devs.

Justin Style, Zerply

Feature Breakdown

Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

BugHerd’s impressive feature set ensures all of your bases are covered from starting the build all the way through to delivery. Here is an at-a-glance rundown of our key features:

In-page feedback – Submit feedback and report issues directly from your website.

Visual feedback – See exactly where an issue was reported with BugHerd’s visual site overlay.

Automatic screenshots – Automatically attach screenshots with every bug report or issue using BugHerd’s browser extensions.

3rd-Party Integrations – Get more out of your workflow by connecting BugHerd to your favorite services and apps.

Visual Task Board – Manage, assign and prioritise tasks quickly and easily with the complete bug tracking system.

Version Control Sync – BugHerd conforms to your workflow letting you update tasks with commit messages.

Unlimited Projects – Use BugHerd on as few or as many projects as you like.

Simple Guest Access – Get clients and external stakeholders involved in sharing feedback on your projects. Without teaching them to code.

CSV Exports – Easily export data out of BugHerd for importing into spreadsheets and external apps.


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