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We spoke with Brett Pollett from Bigfish Creative Group about the nitty gritty of utilising BugHerd throughout the development, feedback and QA stages of a web project.

A little about Bigfish:

Bigfish is a brand strategy consultancy and full service ad agency headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. The agency’s clients range from blazing start-ups to flourishing cash cows looking for a fresh approach. Guided by the discipline of sound strategy - big ideas, stunning visuals, innovative campaign plans and game-changing UI/UX are the output of their everyday. Bigfish stays on the leading edge of ever-changing technology. They are true tech geeks who provide their clients with the innovative technologies that best optimize their business objectives.

Tell us about the development process and how Bugherd fits into that?

When we discovered Bugherd, we were close to completing a website and felt like it was going to be the perfect tool to get through the final client review. To be honest the first project we used Bugherd on we were actually really nervous. This client was particularly difficult to deal with during revision and creative review processes.

We were all incredibly apprehensive about what would happen when it reached the Dev phase and how we would tackle feedback and client reviews of milestones. If it could handle this client, it could handle anything. Long story short, it was a huge success and no one could believe how smooth the final stage of development and handoff went! 

We realised we could go even further with it internally than just between Account Directors and Developers, as a final QA before sending it to the client to get their feedback. Now we use it during the initial development phase, where we send invites to the Designers for the project so they can give feedback and make sure that the Developers on the project met their intentions with the design. Then the developer working on the project will send me a note to check out the project in Bugherd as a technical double-check. Then we send to the Account Directors, who then end up sending the guest invites to the client. Bugherd has become an integral part of our development process.

The internal development process. From Initial dev stage to Developers & designers to User experience to Account directors to Client
You mention you “discovered” Bugherd, tell us more?

We do something we call “Inspire Sessions” every couple weeks at Bigfish where everyone in the company gathers for an hour or so and people bring links to anything they’ve seen lately, industry related or not, that inspired them in some way and we all share them with each other. I happened to come across the Bugherd website a couple days before an Inspire Session and was so excited after watching the promotional video on the site that I knew I had to share it with the team. We have been customers since June 2013.

What’s the number one reason you’re hooked?

It absolutely has to be how easy it is! I mean, just to know that there is this tool that requires little to no coaching with a client that lets them give real-time and easy to understand feedback is amazing enough. The fact that it’s also completely intuitive and easy for Developers and Account Directors to both setup and use too really puts Bugherd on a whole new level. I can’t imagine ever developing a project again without it. 


Brett Pollett

THANK YOU! This is an amazing product you have created. We can’t imagine ever developing a project again without it.

Brett Pollett - Bigfish Creative Group
Tony Burrett

A simple and contextual issue tracker. We love it and our clients love it.

Tony Burrett - BlueChilli

With BugHerd our feedback cycle time has been so significantly reduced we can’t imagine the process of feedback and bug testing without it.

James - Thoughtbubble
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